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FairFax and San ANSELMO

home Electrification Program

The Towns of Fairfax and San Anselmo together with ReadySetReplace™ are delighted to partner with you.
We've joined forces so you have all the necessary resources you need to transition to a clean electric appliance–heat pump water heater, heat pump space heater, or induction stove.


We're supporting homeowners in Fairfax and San Anselmo with this first-of-its-kind home electrification program. 


We'll connect you with qualified local contractors, help you receive rebates, and make a pledge to join the movement across Fairfax and San Anselmo. 


Fill out this form now to get a free assessment of your current gas appliance and recommendations for your transition to a climate-friendly, safer, more efficient home. 

No pressure to act now. The key is to get a plan in place so it's as-easy-as possible to install a heat pump hot water heater, heat pump space heater or induction stove when you're ready. 




Electrification is a critical solution to climate change and a healthier home. Burning gas inside homes for cooking, space heating and water heating generates as much as 30% of greenhouse gas emissions in our communities. A gas water heater alone produces up to half the emissions in your home! 

Top appliances 

Heat Pump Space Heater: Installing a heat pump is highly beneficial for homeowners. They offer significant energy and cost savings compared to traditional furnaces and air conditioners. Heat pumps are 2-3 times more efficient, potentially saving an average homeowner $670 annually. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly as they can run on renewable energy, making them a sustainable choice for heating and cooling homes.


Heat Pump Water Heater: Gas water heaters fail every day and without a plan, are replaced again with gas, locking in years of emissions. Prepare now to install a heat pump water heater to replace your gas water heater, before or when it fails. Heat pump water heaters can save you up to $450/year! 

Induction Stove: If you're considering replacing your gas stove due to concerns about indoor air pollution or simply seeking an alternative, you might be evaluating the option of an induction cooktop or range. While induction cooking utilizes electricity, it diverges from the conventional understanding of an "electric" stove. Induction stoves are the new favorite of professional chefs to home cooking enthusiasts all over the world. 


Read our FAQ to learn more about rebates and more!


When you fill out the form, you can decide to pledge to not replace your appliance with a gas one.

There’s no obligation, but your public pledge to switch out your gas appliance helps in lots of ways:


Encourages others to join in so they can get the benefits of going electric too!


Motivates you to keep your commitment when the time comes to replace your gas appliance.


Builds momentum in our towns, across the County of Marin, and far beyond!

Join the Movement

Over 20 of your neighbors have pledged to not replace their gas appliances with another one including:









Raymond Scruggs 

Erika Cerutti

Loren Newman

Nancy Grover

Denise Krawitz 

Jayne McDonagh

Jim Lin



Mark Solomon 

Jennifer Hammond 

Read our FAQ to learn more about electric appliances, rebates and more!


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