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Heat your Home,
not the planet™

Get the best appliances for you and the environment.

Now active in the California Northern Bay Area

We help homeowners save as much as

75% of the cost of hardware + installation 

50% of your lifetime home/water heating costs 

50% of your home’s emissions

OUR process




We’ll send you a free Electric-Ready™ report, with ways to save on your journey to a better electric appliance.

The best time to get Electric-Ready is now!




We manage the preparation for an electric appliance with verified contractors.  

Once you create your plan, it's easy to switch to electric when gas fails because you are ready for a same-day installation.




You can wait for your gas appliances to fail, or replace them sooner to save costs and emissions.
You de
cide when to make the switch!

We manage replacements and make sure you get all rebates. 

about us

ReadySetReplace is a trusted partner for homeowners who want to make the best decisions for the climate, starting with home electrification. 

We are passionate about clean, healthy, all-electric houses.

We’ve started in California, and our mission is to turn every house climate-friendly. 

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